Competition Books


2017 Competition Books, Schedules and Information will be available this summer. 




President’s Letter

Staff Contact List

Jack Pemberton Youth Development Bursary

Women of Excellence in Agriculture

General Rules and Regulations

Livestock Rules and Regulations




Agriculture Products

4-H Field Crops

Butter Sculpture

Butter Tarts

Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture

Cheese and Butter

Fleece Wool and Fibre Competitions

Honey and Beeswax


Jams, Jellies & Pickles

Maple Syrup and Maple Products

Provincial 4-H Go for The Gold

Square Dancing


Agriculture Products Entry Form

4-H Field Crops Entry Form

Cheese and Butter Entry Form


Small Livestock


East National Dairy Goat Show

CMGA East National Meat Goat Show

Poultry, Waterfowl and Pigeon

Rabbit and Cavy

Breeding Sheep & Market Lamb



Royal Youth Goat Show

Royal Junior Sheep Show

Royal Ladies Lead and Wool

Ontario Junior Barrow

Ontario Junior Barrow Entry Form


Small Livestock Entry Form

Poultry, Waterfowl, Pigeon, Rabbit and Cavy Entry Form

Youth Entry Form (Goats & Sheep)

K&A Feed Depot Order Form


Large Livestock

Beef Cattle








Dairy Cattle






Masterfeeds National Junior Beef Heifer Show

Queen's Guineas

TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic


Large Livestock Entry Form  - English

Large Livestock Entry Form - French

Youth Livestock Entry Form

K&A Feed Depot Order Form

Tent or Display Application Form




* Note: Brokerage Info for RAWF Livestock Exhibitors* Please be advised that a broker is optional, but not required to cross from the U.S. into Canada with animals for The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Canada Border Services Authority asks that if a broker is not being utilized all documents are in order before arrival at the border. These documents include:

Import permit

- ALL veterinary checks/health certificates

- Entry confirmation letter from the RAWF as proof of temporary stay

A veterinary appointment is required to be set up prior to arrival at the border. If you have any questions or concerns regarding brokerage please contact the Ag. Show Office (416) 263-3418.