Commercial Exhibits Application

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair offers an unique opportunity for your business to market your products or services to over 300,000 visitors.

2016 Applications are now being accepted

2016 General Information and Application Process -
Application Process:
1. Please be sure to complete the entire application before submitting.
2. Submit close up photographs and brochures of all the products you wish to sell at the Royal. Please provide brand information where applicable. 
3. Submit a photograph(s) of your booth(s) including details regarding booth dimensions, type of display cabinets, tables and other material that you intend to use. Photographs submitted with this application will not be returned.
4. If you are selected to be an exhibitor will with notify you and we will discuss with you a booth selection. Once the booth(s) are selected, a contract will be e-mailed to you. A deposit will be required to activate the License Agreement and all payment must be made in accordance with the Agreement.
5. Booth Rates include the allotted space, an 8’ high back drape and 3’ high dividing drape only. Electricity, plumbing and other costs are to be coordinated and paid for by each Exhibitor. 
6. Exhibitors must comply with all rules and regulations as laid out in our Exhibitor Manual.
Booth Space Options:
1. Minimum booth size available is 10’ x10’ (100 sq. ft.)
2. Larger booth sizes can be created by adding multiples of 10’ x10’.
Booth Rates
1. Exhibitor booth rates are based on Exhibitor Groups
Heritage Court Exhibitors
Regular Exhibitors in Halls A thru C
Food Court, Food preparation Exhibitors
• Product sampling has additional price considerations
2. There is no discount for charity or nonprofit organizations
3. There is no discount for multiple booths
4. There is an addition charge for corner booths
5. All booth license fees are subject to applicable tax.

2016 Floor Plan Coming in Fall 2016

2016 Application Form -