Exhibitor Manual & Forms

Welcome to The Royal's Commerical Exhibitor Information & Forms Page. Below you will find helpful information and services  to help simplify your experience.




Please read our Exhibitor Manual in full. It includes helpful checklists, tips and details.

Exhibitor Manual  


Do you need Exhibitor Insurance? Exhibitor Insurance

Are you serving Food? If so, you MUST comply by City of Toronto Health Regulations. Please review and return the application forms.

Food Exhibitor Package

Food Exhibitor Application Form

Toronto Health has drafted some helpful RAWF-Specific guidlines - please review this fully.

Stronco is once again our Show Decorator.  Please see the 2016 Exhibitor Package for a helpful list of offerings. In addtion you can review and register Online. The Show Code is: 452302197

Many of your Exhibitor needs must be coordinated directly through the venue. The Exhibitor support centre at Exhibition Place is equipped to handle most of these needs. Where they are not we have posted links to additional resources below. 

Exhibitor Support Centre Brochure

Exhibition Place Brochure for Exhibtors

Exhibition Place Security Tips for Exhibitors





Vehicle Parking (Cars ONLY - No Truck or Trailer Parking at Exhibition Place)

Those seeking overnight parking can purchase it at kiosks onsite. 


Location Grid - ie to show where you want your services located

Showtech is Exhibition Place's new provider for Electrical and Mechanical Services. Click Here for a  link to a form for the ordering of the following services:

-Compressed Air & Natural Gas
-Floor Lighting 
-Ceiling Lighting 
-Distribution Grid 

These forms can be completed by any exhibitors who wish to order electrical, lighting or mechanical services for their booths/spaces at the Fair.  Additionally, SHOWTECH offers online ordering for exhibitors as well.  Please note new users will be asked to create their own UserName and Password to place an order online.  The link for this site is… https://e.showtechordering.com/ST-00043746 



Do you need assitance with Transportation, Secure Storage, pre/post Royal Warehousing or Custom Brokerage?  Check back soon for forms and details on:


Security Cage

Advance Warehouse

After Warehouse

Shipping Label


Customs Brokerage


The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Details. If you have articles that include stuffing you must be in compliance. 

-Form 1 - For furniture & bedding (Horse Blankets)

-Form 2 - For decorative cushions, misc. items (Saddle Pads, Saddles, Backpacks)

-Form 3 - Toys, stuffed animals, wallets, purses, accessories, gloves, hats (with stuffing). Saddles can have lables looped or attched via ribbon, they need not be attached. 


Vehicle Parking for personal vehicles is  available at Exhibition Place.  The form to request this parking will be available in August 2016.

Please note Exhibition Place sells 10 day reduced passes for both above and below ground lots. This does not inlcude overnights. Also, please note that Exhibition Place and Ontario Place are seperate entities. Passes for one location will not be honored at the other. There is no Truck/Trailer Parking on Exhibition Place grounds. Exhibitor Trucks may request a pass from the Commercial Exhibits show office and will be directed to the applicable lot in Ontario Place. 


RV & CAMPER PARKING DETAILS - The Royal has secured a limited amount of space within Ontario Place. Location and pricing details will be made available in August 15th 2016. On that date the Code noted below will be activated and you may purchase your pass online. Passes will not be available onsite and will sell out by Mid-October.  Pricing is for RV parking only. Electrical or Plumbing are extra and are at each Exhibitor's Cost. 
Should you desire electricity you will have two options: 1) You may use your own generator; or 2) you may book electricity via the link below. You will be able to park one personal vehicle close to the RV parking area, but not within it. There will be no additional cost for your personal vehicle. Trucks and Trailers must remain located in the appropriate lot (as determined by whether you are an Agriculture, Horse Show or Commercial Exhibitor). 
The Royal will  provide a 32 person  shuttle bus running daily from 5am-2am  (with the exceptions of both Sundays, where it will run from 5am - 11pm) . We will offer drop offs at both Heritage Court & Hall A entrances. This bus will service all Exhibitor Truck/Trailer Parking Lots within Ontario Place ( Ie. Agriculture, Horse Show  & Commercial Exhibits etc).  Bus frequency will be approximately every 20 minutes. Passes for each lot are allocated via each department and not available at the lots themselves. 
RV Parking Pass - Once on this ticketing page please enter RVPARKING16 for RV Pass ticket option to appear.
RV Water/Pump Outs - Want clean water or grey water pumped out?

Please direct RV/Camper  inquiries to bdoner@royalfair.org


General Commercial Exhibitor Questions? Email us at Commercial@royalfair.org